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Windsor mobile shredding services

On site mobile shredding services in Fort Collins, Loveland, and Greeley help avoid identity theft and also allows for convenient solutions directly at your office or home. Shred Monster also offers hard drives shredding including Fort Collins residential mobile shredding near me options where we come onsite to offices and homes throughout Northern Colorado! We serve Windsor, Johnstown, Wellington, Timnath, Nunn, and more. Similarly, our on site shredding service gives customers the convenience and the cheaper cost of shredding documents locations right at their place.

Above all, onsite shredding services include sending our portable shredding trucks to our customers’ homes or companies. You don’t have to worry about providing equipment since our mobile shredding services Denver is an all in one solution with their own power supply. However, we ask our clients to remove flammable material from their papers. But you don’t have to hassle with trying to remove paper clips, staples, or rubber bands.

On Site Shredding Services

Our Loveland mobile shredding truck ensures that your paper document destruction can happen securely and quickly under your supervision. Our industrial shredders allow us to offer large volumes of shredding paper on site quickly. Shred Monster has secure shredding containers for everyone. We supply them for free for your scheduled shredding service! Whether it is 20-gallon shredinators, 65-gallon carts, or ones that can simply fit under your desk, we can offer the appropriate solution for you.

shredding cabinets

Shredder Cabinets

This cabinet is specifically designed for efficient document collection and storage in an office. The solid construction of the container and locking mechanisms ensure it is not only secure, but also protected from any maintenance incidents that occur in the area. The structural integrity allows things to be placed on top of it, so it can easily fit in. This container comes in several sizes to meet your specific needs, but no matter what it guarantees a solid investment by you in your privacy.


shredding carts

Shredder Carts

Available in a variety of sizes: 32, 65, or even 95 gallon. Shredding carts with wheels are available as well for storing your confidential documents. The 65 gallon option can hold up to 230lbs.. The construction with a forward-facing deep deflector pocket helps prevent anyone from viewing or accessing the contents. The 1.25” overhang around the security lid does not allow anyone to pry open the corners, aiding security. This is the most secure method available from onsite shredding companies industry. Built from high-density polyethylene, the cart is injection-molded in order to achieve high security and durability. The cushioned wheels are to take into consideration the professional environment.




The Shredinator ensures that private information stays secure preceding a trip to the shredder. Its slim design allows it to fit discreetly Our storage containers guarantee that confidential information stays private all the way to the shredder. It is made for office spaces and can hold up to 70 pounds of documents. These can fit under desks as well. Whether it must fit under each office desk or a larger one off to the side for hundreds of pounds of paper.


Is mobile document destruction right for you?

We provide document destruction solutions customized for requirements your business. Whether you are looking for frequent or one time mobile shred service, we can accommodate your schedule.
Your preference is the most important factor in deciding on our mobile shredding service Loveland, Windsor and Greeley. Secure shredding services costs at a fixed location can be cheaper, but also they require more effort on your part. Transporting the documentation and material to the site may be risky, and simply unnecessary when we can bring our onsite shredding services near me to you. Above all, we are able to serve to Longmont, Berthoud, Evans, Lyons and other regions.

We guarantee cheap shredding paper costs and certified hard drive destruction services. The cost of mobile shredding services for home documents is affordable and we fully comply with the standards established by NAID. We are proud to be a NAID member for our Colorado, Denver mobile shredding destruction services in Fort Collins.

Our dedicated document container serves as established standard equipment. They are unobtrusive and blend in with your facility. Call us today to set up an appointment and we can provide the locked shredding containers for free. Do you need a one time shredding service? We can help you decide the best option for you. Are you searching “community shredding events near me”? We also put up free shredding events in CO. Shred Monster is always giving you security and convenience no matter what!