on site shredding services


on site shredding services

Shred Monster excels in destroying any form of documents as well as media files, whatever else holds your personal info. So if you need document shredding services, media destruction we are happy to help! Therefore, our commercial shredding service near me can be sure that your information is secure and destroyed!

We are proud to have established a name for our reliable and above all secure destruction services Colorado! We come out to towns such as Fort Collins, Greeley, Windsor, Johnstown, Wellington, Timnath, Nunn, and more.

mobile shredding service

Mobile Shredding
We utilize a variety of different sized, secure shred containers to suit every customer’s needs. From under the desk, 20-gallon Shredinators to 65-gallon carts to executive shred consoles, we have the solution for your business.
scheduled shredding services

We can accommodate any schedule for your secure shredding service. Whether it’s weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annually, we will be there. Are you searching for “secure paper shredding services near me”? We can help and also supply one time shredding services residential and business.
one time shredding service

Purges and Cleanouts
Have you accumulated a large volume of docs in a basement or storage unit that needs to be shredded? Our efficient one time shredding service can handle it easily!

local recycling collection

Recycling Services
Even if you do not need your documents shredded, we can assist with collecting and recycling your discarded material.
hard drive destruction

Hard Drive Shredding
You and your customers can be at risk if you improperly dispose of hard drives with sensitive information. We can destroy your old hard drive effectively and securely and then recycle the remnants.
free shredding events

Shredding Events
Ask us about hosting a shredding event for your community or business network today!

Residential Shredding Service

That is to say, fraud is real threats to every community. Criminals digging through your garbage for confidential personal information happens more often than you think. We pride ourselves in aiding our communities’ fight against identity theft and also fraud. After all we are always happy to offer residential document destruction services in Colorado and Wyoming. So do not hesitate to contact Shred Monster to set up affordable, effective, and secure shredding services residential solutions.
There are NO extra costs like Environmental Surcharge, Fuel Surcharge etc. Every time after your documents or data storage devices are shredded, we present you with a Certificate of Destruction verifying the computer hard drive destruction service has been performed. Above all, we are able to come out to Longmont, Loveland, Berthoud, Evans, Lyons and other regions.




Commercial Shredding Service

Every organization maintains some amount of confidential information for its staff and clients. These documents must be protected and eventually securely destroyed once no longer needed. Whether it’s criminals or competitors, you simply cannot afford to have those files in the wrong hands. You can achieve the security and peace of mind you need.

Don’t let our competition take your documents to their location for destruction. Once you lose sight of your documents you lose your guarantee for 100% security.

Your needs are going to be unique. Our shredder provides residential paper shredding services near me adapted to whatever requirements you might have. Recurring, scheduled, or one-time purges, on site residential shredding companies like us can accommodate you.

Our hassle-free, NO CONTRACT NECESSARY service includes:

  • Personal and customized program suited for your specific needs
  • Secure, locked totes, desk side bins or executive consoles
  • Scheduled document secure shredding services and online extra pick up request ability
  • Certificate of Destruction
  • Recycling of all material

    Why Use Our Shredding Services?

    Using you local document shredding services can lead to a reduction in cost that may be otherwise hidden within a business’s day to day expenses. So if you ever took the time to consider the price of doing your own document storage and destruction, you’d probably wonder how we perform such a cheap secure shredding services? However, we have an easy answer, we are really good at what we do!

    To summarize, transitioning your needs to trusted 3rd party shredding companies like us will result in several immediate benefits:

    • Storage cost reduction
    • Avoid waste disposal fees
    • Employee efficiency by not wasting time and effort shredding documents
    • Positive reputation as a business applying environmentally friendly practices
    • Avoid expenses of the maintenance of owning equipment
    • Mitigate risk from sensitive documents being incorrectly disposed of