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Shred Monster offers convenient, secure and eco-friendly shredding service in Northern Colorado and Wyoming.

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Commercial Shredding

Every company’s local paper shredding service needs are different. We provide certified commercial shredding services…

Residential Shredding

Certainly, identity theft is a problem every community faces. So our documents shredding company is proud to help our community fight it…

mobile shredding company

Mobile Shredding

We use a variety of different sized shred containers to suit every customer’s needs. From under the desk, 20-gallon Shredinators to 65-gallon carts to also executive shred consoles, we have the solution for your business.
scheduled shredding services

Scheduled Service

Our portable shredding company can accommodate any schedule for secure shredding services. Whether it’s weekly, month by month, quarterly, or annually, we will be there. In addition, we can supply one-time shredding services for home.
One time shredding company

Purges and Large Cleanouts

Have you accumulated a large volume of material in a basement or storage unit that needs to be shredded? Shred Monster is certainly one of the best secure document shredding companies. We can handle it!

local recycling collection

Recycling Collection Services

Even if you don’t need your documents shredded, we can assist with collecting and recycling your discarded paper.
hard drive destruction

Hard Drive Shredding

You and your customers can be at risk if you improperly dispose of hard drives. We can destroy it effectively and securely and then recycle the remnants.
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Shredding Events

Shredding events in Northern Colorado will soon be available. Also ask us about hosting a shredding event for your community today!
We can offer excellent and efficient Fort Collins paper shredding service for you locally! So are you searching for “mobile shredding companies near me”? Certainly, we guarantee that any paper we shred for you will be 100% recycled. All that paper that is removed from your home or office is turned into something useful such as toilet paper, writing paper, newsprint, or paper towels.

Why Shred?

Benefits of using a professional shredding company

Protection for both your organization, and your clients is critical for any business. Secure paper shredding services Fort Collins, CO are effective ways to prevent compromising the trust you have with your customers, employees, and partners.

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Loss Prevention
You can avoid losses to your business from fraud.

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Misuse Prevention
You can be unaware of losses from the exploitation of your information by competitors.
Certified shredding company
Certified Shredding Company
guaranteed shredding
Shred Monster provides a variety of different Fort Collins shredding services for commercial document in addition to hard drive destruction. Working directly with you, we will certainly make a customized strategy tailored to your business needs. So our wide range of Loveland paper shredding services in Colorado includes:

  • Hard drives shredding
  • Recurring scheduled shredding services, Fort Collins, CO, Loveland and Greeley
  • One time shredding service
  • Cleanouts of documents and also storage boxes
  • Onsite shredding process with our mobile shredding truck

That is to say, our certified professionals are well trained and have passed thorough background checks in order to maintain your security. In other words, we ensure that your information is safe throughout our secure shredding Loveland, CO. Therefore, our on site shredding company removes any risk and eliminates any opportunity for your identity to be stolen.

Most businesses try to shred their documents on their own, but this proves to be unsustainable. As their volume of documents increases, this process becomes tedious, expensive, time consuming, and above all risky. Meanwhile, when you enlist a 3rd party documents shredding company, you take that burden off of your workers. Therefore, they can do what you hired them for, and more importantly you receive a certificate of destruction that will be essential should you face an official audit or legal inquiry. So here are only a few of the reasons to use mobile paper shredding companies near me like ours:

  • NAID National Association for Information Destruction Member
  • Surely we supply a formal “Certificate of Destruction” for your records
  • You refrain from the often broken and also loud office shredders
  • Your employees are not wasting time dealing with it
  • Document containers are included as part of our secure shredding service
  • Your information is protected throughout the process
  • Moreover, avoiding additional disposal costs for large volumes
  • Our doc shredding services vs. a personal shredder is incomparable when it comes to your privacy and security, and it ends up being both affordable and convenient
We are proud to recycle 100% of the paper that we shred. For instance, every ton of recycled paper saves 7,000 gallons of water, 4000 kilowatts of electricity, 17 trees, and removes over 60lbs of air pollution.

So the average office worker throws away 10,000 paper sheets every single year. Trashed paper products result in over 40% of the landfill space across the country. When you utilize our professional service, you not only guarantee the security of your company’s info, you also help prevent a large amount of paper from making it to the dump. Care for the environment is critical to preserve our natural resources and also help future generations.

This is a serious crime throughout the U.S and is increasing every year. An estimated 50 billion dollars is lost across the United States because of it.

Nowadays, people often think of software hacking and computers to get to people’s information. However, in reality, it’s often mishandling physical documents that expose people and businesses. For example, personnel might not pay attention incorrectly dispose of documents, or facilities may be broken into.

Thorough document storage and also destruction process with a certified 3rd party mobile shredding companies is the easiest way to secure your business. Therefore, we recommend eliminating the risk by securely destroying social security numbers, customer and account information, and other sensitive data.

Casually throwing away documents in the trash is a simple way to leave your confidential information easily accessible. Even when using a personal shredder, the documents are easy to re-assemble.

U.S Supreme Court declared that your trash is not private, so everyone from criminals to police to lawyers is able to access your garbage with no legal outcome. That is the reason it is always a good choice to use leading local shredding companies like ours.

If you or your customer’s sensitive information is taken from your trash, you could be held liable for the damage caused due to your incorrect document destruction. When you work with us for your document destruction services, you gain the following:

  • Both scheduled and one-time shredding service
  • Surely fully certified team
  • Convenient shredding documents options at your location via our mobile shredding trucks
  • Also keep away from expensive legal actions with our secure shredding service
  • An official, documented destruction above all
Whether you are an organization or just concerned citizen, we will provide the same cheap document shredding cost. In other words, either way our certified staff will keep your documents safe and secure. From the moment you hand them over and after that, all the way up to the final disposal.

It all starts when your documents come to our mobile shredder where they will be promptly destroyed. The scraps are then securely stored at our location until they are sent on to one of our certified recycling partners. To clarify, we have a strict agreement with our partners to guarantee that our shredded material is mixed with other sources. The disposal process like smelting or incineration guarantees that information cannot be retrieved.

Our commercial shredding company in Loveland provides affordable cost of on site shredding services near me. And we are happy to supply locked containers to store your documents in your office. So this way we can collect from our regularly scheduled shredding service to make sure they are destroyed correctly.

Yes, we are locally owned and operated Windsor Shredding company offering Fort Collins shredding, Loveland, Longmont, Boulder, Broomfield, and more areas. We also provide all of our hard drive destruction and shredding in Greeley, CO.
And we serve cities nearby: Louisville, Berthoud, Johnstown, Timnath, Wellington, Ault, Nunn, Evans, Lyons, Eaton, Severance.
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