Onsite Paper Shredding Services

When you need a paper shredding service, make sure to give Shred Monster a call. We happily provide reliable affordable, convenient, and secure shredding service of all your electronic media and documents. Our best paper shredders services include onsite shredding events that help businesses save money, avoid fraud, and remain compliant. Are you looking for a “paper shredder company near me”? Ge in touch with our team about the destruction of confidential documents! We service Northern Colorado and cities such as Fort Collins, Greeley, Windsor, Johnstown, Wellington, Timnath, Nunn, and more. We offer customized portable shredding services made to your specific needs including media type, and industry requirements.

Scheduled and One Time Shredding

Shred Monster provides a variety of document shredding services for our customers. Each client has unique needs, and our NAID certified shredding professional can advise concerning which commercial paper shredder service near me best fits your needs. We can offer a recurring paper destruction service for businesses that want to take that burden off of their employees. Also, in this case, we recommend companies calculate office shredder costs. By stopping internal shredding, hard drive destruction you will save money! Our team will supply you with secured containers as a part of our confidential document shredding service cost without extra setup fees.

Also, we can do a “purge” one time shredding service. If you’ve accumulated a large volume of documents over a long time this shred documents service can be a perfect opportunity for us to help destroy it. You will receive a formal NAID AAA certified Shredding Certificate of Destruction every time we provide our paper shredder services regardless of the type. That can be used as official, notarized proof for any legal audits that show you comply with federal privacy laws. To learn more about our personal document destruction services costs give us a call!

As a leader both in our industry and region, we take data security very seriously. Our on site residential shredding services are established to be compliant with regulations so that your information is properly destroyed.

Why is Document Shredding Important?


Any organization has private information that they collect and store in some way. The majority of these documents are confidential for their employees and customers. It is essential for any professional paper shredder company to keep it protected. Sensitive files thrown in the trash can make you, your business, and your clients more likely to be a victim of fraud.

When you dispose of documents they need to be completely destroyed. That is why this is always a good idea to request paper shredders services. Your dumpster is public property and subsequently, the material you threw in it. Anybody could sort through it if they wanted to. Dumpster diving is a real threat and a primary method for those trying to commit identity theft.

Our paper shredder company guarantees you and your business security by taking the steps to protect you. Any material that is no longer useful can be stored in locked containers until they are picked up for destruction. Paper documents shredding prevents unauthorized access to your personal info. Don’t put your info at risk for manipulation. Choose our secure shredding services with Shred Monster to guarantee your protection. Above all, our paper shredders company is able to come out to Longmont, Loveland, Berthoud, Evans, Lyons and other regions.

It’s the law

There are multiple legislations requiring you to secure all private documents. In order to be compliant, you have to securely store and destroy all documents as it becomes old. To protect your company, use a secure shredding service to shred any document that is no longer useful is necessary. Are you searching for “paper shredders near me”? Shred Monster provides your convenient paper shredding services that guarantee security.

As a business, you are legally obligated to ensure the privacy of your customer as well as your employee. Be smart about disposing of confidential documents and your paper shredding process.

HIPAA established in 1995 as a law to require the healthcare industry workers to secure shred confidential documents, shredding patient docs. FACTA (the Fair and Accurate Credit Transaction Act) made in 2003 to reduce fraud risk by requiring secure document shredding of discard consumer info. GLBA (the Gramm-Leach-Biley Act) made in 1999 to demand financial institutions like credit companies and banks to protect and secure private data.

Environmental Benefits

Certainly, Shred Monster is NAID AAA certified personal shredding company. Moreover, we are one of the best recycling paper shredders companies in Colorado. We are proud to say that we recycle 100% of what we shred! When you do business with us, we provide residential secure shredding services costs with a focus on making a greener environment for everyone. Professional paper shredder companies are recycling confidential documents and reuse them instead of taking up space at a dump. You can help us prevent the further destruction of trees by using our on site shredding service. Shredded paper can be used in several ways like packing materials which are cheaper and more eco friendly than other options such as styrofoam. Also, companies that shred documents on site can use shredded paper as compost to naturally break down the material and reuse it in a healthy way.