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Onsite Hard Drive Shredding Services

Hard drives can hold a vast amount of confidential data for both your business and your customers. Unfortunately, it is not enough to just delete information from your media before throwing it away. You are still vulnerable to increasing privacy breaches through tools used by criminals for identity theft and fraud by accessing your deleted digital information. Fortunately, our on site hard drive shredding company is proud to be your trusted provider of residential and commercial shredding services!

Shred Monster is passionate about being the premier personal hard drive destruction service in Colorado. We manage this by providing some of the most secure and cheap destruction services available. Our state-of-the-art shredding truck can reduce a harddrive into tiny pieces of useless plastic and metal. SM Fort Collins shredding solutions company should be your first choice of any secure hard drive destruction companies. Our team can offer reliable, secure, and cheap hard drive shredding costs in the Colorado and Wyoming areas. Do you need a computer hard drive recycling near me? We offer Fort Collins hard drive destruction service and come out to cities like Greeley, Windsor, Loveland, Johnstown, Wellington, Timnath, Nunn, and more. We are happy to bring our affordable computer hard drive destruction service cost to your location now!

Why Shred Your Hard Drives?

hard drive destruction serviceIf you think that simply deleting that file is good enough, you are at risk. The average person may not be able to recover it, but criminals have become tech proficient enough to do so. However, there are many options to recover what you thought was gone forever. You cannot erase a deleted folder, instead, you flag it as additional storage space for future usage. So there are specialists with skills to recover deleted files from phones, computers, and drives.

Proper disposal of electronic media is certainly necessary for anyone in today’s world with increasing fraud. Now more than ever we store personal info electronically, so having these drives fall into the wrong hands can be devastating. You need to securely destroy defective phones, computers, and harddrives to avoid criminals making money off of your information.

Security data destruction companies don’t just delete your info, we thoroughly destroy physical devices so that it can never be recovered or used against you.

There is a couple of different ways to delete information. Magnetic security data destruction hard drive in Fort Collins, Loveland, and Greeley is one of the methods of deletion. These options are usually inconsistent, expensive, and often risky. They don’t have actual proof that the data has been destroyed, so you are at the mercy of the ethics of the service provider. When we physically destroy the hard drive, we offer 100% proof that it’s unusable.

What makes our hard drive destruction different?

We can give you an honest and quick quote for free, all you need to give us is the amount of items to be destroyed.
Our certified shredder team go through extensive background screenings and will be onsite to carry out the document destruction process exactly to your standards with our paper shredding trucks.
We are happy to say that our on site hard drives destruction company process is applicable for all kinds of electronic storage devices, whether it’s: hard drives (any kind), data and tape media, DVD’s, CD’s, or USB sticks.
Rest assured, we are a NAID member and HIPPA compliant, so you never have to worry about a thing.
We will accommodate your schedule so we can show up at your location at a time that works for you.
We are proud to 100% recycle all material that we destroy. Even if you don’t need your documents shredded, we can assist with computer hard drive recycling.

Privacy Protection Partner

hard drive shredding services near meShred Monster’s media and hard drive destruction services guarantee that your confidential information is gone forever. We use our computer hard drive shredding company equipment to collect and destroy your old or outdated hard drives and media assets.

What is Fort Collins hard drive recycling? Our top of the line shredding equipment will transform your media storage devices into minuscule parts that cannot be restored. From there the leftover material is sent on over to our authorized recycling collection partner.

We offer on site hard drive destruction services in Fort Collins, CO of these various data storage devices:

  • USB/thumb drives/portable jump drives
  • DVD’s and CD’s
  • Solid State Drives
  • Hard Drives
  • Storage media/Backup tapes
  • When you use our secure shredding and hard drive destruction service Colorado there are no hidden fees and no contract is ever necessary! After complete shredding of the media, we supply an official certificate of data destruction as proof for your compliance record for state and federal privacy rules.

    Please do not hesitate to reach out to us over the phone or through our contact form if you have any questions. This way you can find out more about our secure destruction services of hard drives and other media storage devices. Above all, we are able to come out to Longmont, Loveland, Berthoud, Evans, Lyons, and other regions.