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Shred Monster is focused on protecting your confidential information from getting into the wrong hands. Secure shredding companies are exactly what any business or person needs when cleaning out or moving large volumes of documents. Therefore, no matter how much documentation or materials you have, we are happy to provide a paper shredding service as well as home shredding documents services near me. Whether it’s a one time shredding in Fort Collins, CO or a regularly scheduled event, our Fort Collins shredding service near me will meet your needs! Do you ask how to dispose of confidential documents without a shredder? We offer residential onsite shredding service in Colorado and cities such as Windsor, Johnstown, Wellington, Timnath, and more.

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Our trucks shred confidential documents at home and ensure that your shred secure document destruction Wellington in Colorado can happen quickly and securely on site. Its industrial shredder allows us to shred a lot of docs quickly and easily.

Also, we can set up dedicated storage containers that are convenient for you. We bring them to your place of business and pick them up to be destroyed at our site. After you take personal documents shredding services, you will receive a formal Certificate of Destruction.

In addition, our secure shredding containers can take whatever volume you generate. For instance, from 65-gallon carts, 20-gallon shredinators, or ones that can simply fit under your desk, we can offer the appropriate solution for you.

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When you use our document secure shredding services in Loveland there are no hidden payment and no contract necessary! After the on site document shredding Fort Collins, CO, we present you with a official certificate verifying the mobile onsite shredding services. Need to know how to dispose of confidential documents home? We can provide on site shredding services for both clients.

Please get in touch if you are looking for Loveland shredding in Fort Collins, CO, Greeley and more! We are the most secure and guaranteed option for destroying your confidential information.

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The importance of shredding confidential documents in the workplace

document shredding services near meWere you aware of the actual regulations about residential and commercial shredding private documents? Most Colorado businesses are unaware of the law. The AG is extremely serious about avoiding identity theft for residents and businesses. When you don’t use the professional companies that shred documents service, things may go wrong. Whether they were held for too long or a part of a crime, inadequate disposing of personal confidential documents shredding service will lead to legal actions by the state courts. The unfortunate result will almost certainly be an expensive settlement along with a legal cost. The cost of shredding documents service is absolutely much more affordable.

The Attorney General office performs routine audits on business throughout the state. If a neighbor, police officer, or random citizen finds your files, they can contact the government or even news. Nobody wants to have to explain on camera why they lazily exposed their clients and employees to potential fraud. Do you question how to destroy confidential documents without a shredder? Every business must have a way how to handle confidential documents in the office. The penalties that come with this law can cost a person or business up to $500 document shred services! The Identity Theft Enforcement Act can employ up to $50,0000 for each violation or record. Falsely telling your customers about your protection of their information can also lead up $20,000 worth of violations if you aren’t correctly disposing of their information.

Sadly, our world has criminals that try to gain from our suffering. The more knowledgeable we are about how they try to do so, the better we can thwart these malicious attacks. Give our best place to shred documents on site
a call or fill out the form for paper document shredding services in Greeley, Windsor, or neighboring towns!

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Shred Monster is one of the best shredding companies in Colorado for secure media destruction service, specialty shredding, and more. Are you questioning “Where can I shred documents near me”? Our computer hard drives destruction, shredding process will destroy anything with your sensitive information. We are an official NAID member and strictly adheres to the highest level of ethical standards in the industry. So are you looking for a “secure shredding service near me”? We are able to come out to Longmont, Loveland, Berthoud, Evans, Lyons, and other regions. Our on site mobile shredding services residential destroys any electronic media securely.